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The Relationship of Sound AND Image

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Portrait of an artist

Production Lines 

A New Work by:

Anne-Lise Stenseth

6 - 29 September 2017


Celebrating the history of artists’ moving image works in Norway, ATOPIA has been producing a series of artist video portraits since 2011. The videos provide an intimate and personal view of the artists, and they are often a dialogue between artists of different generations. We plan to present them all online starting with the portrait of Writer and Filmmaker Roar Skolmen made by Farhad Kalantary in 2011.

Video documentation of an ATOPIA exhibition, April, 2011


Focus on Norwegian Artists' Moving Image Works

Seoul International New Media Festival, NeMaf 2017 in collaboration with ATOPIA presents 2 programs of film and video works from Norway .

1. The Highlights of Retrospective: Film and Video Art, Norway, 1960-90

The Highlights is an anthology of short film and video works reflecting the history of artists’ involvement with the moving image in Norway. Curated by Farhad Kalantary in 2011 the program presents works by the following artists:

Erik Borge

Rolf Aamot

Arild Kristo

Laurie Grundt & Eva Acking

Kjartan Slettemark

Marianne Heske

Jeremy Welsh

Terje Munthe

Kjell Bjørgeengen

Inghild Karlsen

Torhild Aukan

2. Oslo Visions is a program of more recent short film and video works co-curated by the Seoul based curator Seihee Shon and Oslo based artist-curator Farhad Kalantary.

Oslo Visions presents a diversity of concerns and approaches found among the artists of the city working with the moving image. We have allowed the works to negotiate a common theme from within the assembly of Oslo Visions instead of imposing a conceptual framework onto the program. Consequently the program has become a more truthful reflection of the psyche of Oslo.

Artists in this program:

Jannicke Låker

Pierre Lionel Matte

Mattias Härenstam

Farhad Kalantary

Inger Lise Hansen

Kaja Leijon

Siri Hermansen

Marte Aas

In addition to curating the Norwegian programs Farhad Kalantary is also invited to participate in the 17th Seoul International New Media Festival as a member of jury. Office for Contemporary Art Norway – OCA along with NeMaf have sponsored his participation.

The festival will take place from 17 August to 25 August in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

More information about the programs