Practice of ATOPIA

ATOPIA is an artist organisation dedicated to the development of artists’ moving image works in Norway. Initiated in 2003, it has been working as a non-commercial research centre, with production and exhibition spaces. ATOPIA initiates and works with several projects simultaneously in collaboration with a wide range of national and international organisations, artists and curators. Majority of ATOPIA projects are concerned with the neglected areas of contemporary art in general and artists’ moving image in particular.

Through its various projects Atopia has organised exhibitions, screenings, forums and workshops as well as publications, both inside and outside of Norway and over the years it has functioned as a base for information and advice for artists working within the field.

ATOPIA's offers affordable production/exhibition equipment to artists and art organisations.

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Concept of ATOPIA

ATOPIA comes from the Greek noun a-topon, which literally means without a place. The name, the approach and the practice of ATOPIA reflect the experience of exile, migrations and perpetual foreignness of its founders; an experience that finds its echo in the atopic conditions of film and video art. ATOPIA was set up to explore and to cope with a state of not-belonging that characterises most migrating flows.

ATOPIA office and studio are located at Soria Moria building in Oslo.

Address: Atopia, Vogts gate 64, 0477 Oslo

Telephone: +47 22 22 35 77

ATOPIA kunstlab is located at:

Maridalsveien 90, Oslo



ATOPIA was founded in 2003 by the following four artists: Annebeth G. Hansen, Michel Pavlou, Inger Lise Hansen & Farhad Kalantary.

Linn Lervik joined ATOPIA in 2007, and Haraldur Karlsson in 2016.

Previous Project Assistants: Greg Pope (2006-08), Synne Holst-Pedersen (2009-11) & Tone A. Gellein (2010-12)



Farhad Kalantary

Artistic Leader & Curator  - Email: farhad(AT)


Linn Lervik

Administrative Leader & Project Coordinator - Email: linn(AT)


Haraldur Karlsson

Project Assistant

Michel Pavlou

Project Assistant & member of board

Chair of Board:

Inger Lise Hansen



ATOPIA is sponsored by:


Additional support for several of Atopia projects have been granted by:





Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond Prosjektstøtte

Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond

Fond for lyd og bilde



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