VideoForum, 2004-14     

Atopia’s VideoForum was an open screening program. All artists working with Film and Video were invited to bring their works personally to Atopia for screening and presentation with no submission procedures, no application forms, and no rejections. We welcomed works in progress as well as completed works.

Among the topics that were often discussed in VideoForum were issues of artistic intentions and intensities, form and technology, the relationship of sound and image, artistic integrity and ethics as well as the political versus the personal. But above all we hoped to foreground and contemplate intuition.

VideoForum was set in Atopia’s non-competitive and intimate environment with the aim of developing a community of film and video artists. It was a gathering of artists who presented and discussed their own works and offered each other the gift of a critical eye.

VideoForum was initiated 10 years ago as a monthly open screening program of Atopia. During its 40 editions it witnessed the participation of more than 150 artists.

Video Forum provideed valuable insight into the range and quality of works produced at any one time in Oslo. It gives a snapshot view of artists’ video productions in the City.

Several editions of Video Forum took place in locations other than Atopia’s own space. These locations included Atelier Nord, Sound of Mu, Gallery 69, Filmens Hus and Akershus Kunstnerssenter.

Launched in February 2004 this was a long lasting project of ATOPIA that took part on the last Sunday of most months.

After 40 editions of Video Forum we decided to put the project on hold .

List of participating artists will be added soon. Although the list is not complete - we often did not take track of participants, it would give an account of VideoForum and cherish its memories.

(The list will be added soon)

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