ATOPIA kunstlab is a new place for production of installation works that explore motion, both in terms of moving image and moving objects.

ATOPIA kunstlab is an attempt to identify and break away from the conventions of commercial galleries. It explores alternative methods to unleash the hidden potentials of the non-commercial art practice.

ATOPIA kunstlab is a study room for creation and analysis of motion, an open place for meetings and discussions as well as a laboratory for art in public space.

Maridalsveien 90, Oslo

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ATOPIA kunstlab      

Opening of the exhibition: SUDDEN SHOWER

An Installation Work by: Per Hess & Nina Bang

Wed, 23 Nov.  at 18:00

Maridalsveien 90 (entrance on Vøyensvingen)

Per Hess & Nina Bang working as a duo, are the first collaborators with ATOPIA kunstlab. Together they have produced the installation work “Sudden Shower” with neon lights and large drawings mounted on the window. Evoking the apparatus of a zoetrope “Sudden Shower” creates its sense of motion through the interactions between neon lights and lines of drawing. SUDDEN SHOWER highlights and relies on the act of viewing as an integral element of the work itself. It shifts the importance from what one sees in the work to how one sees it.

Every program at ATOPIA kunstlab will be followed by the production of an artist text that will bring about new adventures in art writing. The artists’ text is to explore the ideas and practice of the exhibiting artists in depth, with care and insight. ATOPIA has invited the artist Vibeke Frost Andersen to collaborate on the first artist text of the kunstlab.


As they work in ATOPIA kunstlab, Nina Bang & Per Hess would be available to meet with public and discuss their works and their processes. We invite you to visit ATOPIA kunst lab before the opening of the exhibition and meet the artists in person:

Meeting hours:

Wed. 16 Nov. 2016  15:00 - 17:00

Fri. 18 Nov. 2016    15:00 - 17:00

Sudden Shower, 2016

Per Hess & Nina Bang

23 Nov 2016 – 15 Jan 2017

ATOPIA has the pleasure of inviting you to the Finissage of “Sudden Shower”, an exhibition by Per Hess & Nina Bang at ATOPIA kunstlab.

Wed. 18 Jan. 2017 at 19:00

As a laboratory for art and ideas, the kunstlab is a place for discussions and critical reflections concerning its own projects. In November last year the artist Vibeke Frost Andersen was invited to lead the discussions and the production of an artist text concerning the exhibition "Sudden Shower". At the finissage she will talk about the artist text and present her views on the project.

Vibeke Frost Andersen (Oslo, 1976) is a visual artist, graphic designer and educator. She holds a MFA in Art and Public Space from The National Academy of The Arts in Oslo (2016), a post-graduate diploma in education from Østfold University College (2006), and a BA(Hons) in Graphic Communication from University of Wales Institute Cardiff (2001). She has also completed university courses in art history, sculpture and photography in Norway and the UK.

Sudden Shower, Per Hess & Nina Bang (installation view)

Meeting with the artist & Preview hours:

    Fri,   10 March 2017    10:00 - 16:00

    Tue. 14 March 2017    15:00 - 17:00

MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES is said to be an old Chinese proverb used as a curse or threat, referring to such times that would bestow no peace of mind.

Hilde Rognskog graduated from Oslo Academy of Arts in 1996 and later worked as the manager of Institutt for romkunst (2000-2004). It comes natural to her to treat the space of exhibition itself as an integral part of her artwork. Working at ATOPIA kunstlab she transforms the space into machinery, with walls, floor and ceiling of the room as its components. She is installing automated pulley systems that build up constant physical pressure and tension inside the room as they move around heavy sand bags tied up with ropes in traditional techniques.

MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES ties together Rognskog’s various experiences as an engineer, carpenter, dancer and visual artist. A wide range of ideas and concerns inform the installation; as the material, the choice of rope, sandbags, knots, pulleys and their timing create a complex composition.

Rognskog’s installation is not a kinetic art work placed inside a gallery, it is a work that transforms ATOPIA kunstlab into a factory of tension and movement.

Every program at ATOPIA kunstlab is followed by the production of an artist text that will bring about new adventures in art writing. The artists’ text is to explore the ideas and practice of the exhibiting artists in depth, with care and insight. ATOPIA has invited the artist Elna Hagemann to collaborate on the second artist text of the kunstlab.

As Rognskog works in ATOPIA kunstlab, she is available to meet with public and discuss her works and her  processes. We invite you to visit ATOPIA kunstlab before the opening of the exhibition and meet the artist in person.

MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES                          an installation work by: Hilde Rognskog

Opening: Fri. 17 March 2017 at 18:00

         (10 March - 16 April,  2017)

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A Study of Light and Movement, Linn Lervik, June 2017

A Study of Light and Movement

Linn Lervik

Opening: Wed. 7 June 2017 at 19:00

Dualities of the inside and the outside, the private and the public relate to our everyday conceptualisation of space. It is a common character of art in public space to follow the same categorisation. An aspect of Linn Lervik’s project is to raise the question of whether it is possible to reconcile these counterparts in the context of art in public space.

Lervik has been working on a light installation at ATOPIA kunstlab.  She has made a six square-meter wall covered with light on one side that rotates vertically once every minute. Her light work is part of a larger research inquiring into urban rhythms as factors of sense of time and place; the cyclical rhythm of day and night and the rhythmic structures of places. Lervik considers the writings of French philosopher Henri Lefebvre on rhythmanalysis as a point of departure for her study, a study preoccupied by questions such as: What is the time of this particular place? How is time expressed and represented here? How would this place influence the rhythm of its urban environment.

A Study of Light and Movement is part of Linn Lervik’s graduation exhibition at Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo.

Linn Lervik holds a Master degree in Art and Public Space from Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo (2017). Previously she has studied visual art and design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (1998) and Sculpture at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London (BFA, 2001). Ever since she has been concerned with the fusion of sculpture, drawing and video animation. Her work is situated at the junction of different media, through which she addresses their basic elements, structural components and theoretical references.

Production Lines, Anne-Lise Stenseth, September 2017

Production Lines

by: Anne-Lise Stenseth

Open Hours: 10:00 – 15:00, Mon - Fri

6 - 29 September 2017

Starting Wednesday, September 6th Anne-Lise Stenseth will be working in ATOPIA kunstlab setting up a production line, editing sound and image, writing and projecting.

You are invited to visit the artist at work, see the installation and get inspired.

Production Lines is an installation work of Anne-Lise Stenseth at ATOPIA kunstlab. The work intends to draw parallel lines between the production of shoes in a factory and production of video and text at the kunstlab.

A shoe factory in Dale, Sunnfjord closed down in 2011. It was one of the last of its kind in the country. Its closure prompted Stenseth to document its final days of operation and collect material and evidences of its production line, dig into its history and study its location.

The remnants of the closed factory are now the raw material of a new production line that she brings to ATOPIA kunstlab. This will be a production line for making text and video. Stenseth’s project transforms the kunstlab into a semi-factory with work hours, break time, industrial machinery, noise and light and mechanisms of efficiency.

Production Lines is also a follow up to Stenseth’s earlier video “Omveg/Detour” (2012) and the publication “Rest in Pieces” (2013).

Anne Lise Stenseth is a visual artist working with video portraits and video essays. She studied at Bergen Academy of Art and Design and later graduated form Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 1994. She has produced a large body of work with extensive exhibitions both in Norway and abroad.

An exhibition meeting will be organised on Thursday, 14 September at 14:00.

We look forward to seeing you at ATOPIA kunstlab.

The Stitcher, HC Gilje, 18.10 - 23.11. 2017

Finissage: Thursday, 23.11.2017 at 18:00

ATOPIA kunstlab, Maridalsveien 90, Oslo

ATOPIA is pleased to present a new work of HC Gilje as the final chapter of ATOPIA kunstlab projects. Gilje has been making a video that explores the time and space of the kunstlab over the last few weeks. Using an orbital camera, which slowly rotates on its own axis he has been recording the space and the changes of its lighting conditions. His time-laps camera makes a single rotation over 24 hours. His attempt was to synchronize his rotating camera inside the kunstlab to the rotation of the planet in its everyday cycle. As the title of his work suggests Gilje has explored various ways of stitching together fragments of the recordings in order to produce a fluid movement in a single video work.

During Gilje’s period at the kunstlab several private and public meetings were arranged to discuss and explore his working methods. The artist Hanan Benammar is in charge of collecting ideas of the meetings and “stitching together” an artist text about Gilje’s work.

The collection of artists’ texts produced this year at the kunstlab will be published in 2018.

HC Gilje is a visual artist working with video, sound, live performance and installations. Over the past ten years Gilje’s works have been preoccupied with the idea of transforming spaces through interventions of light and projections. He develops his own tools and devices as instruments and mediators for his conversation with the spaces.

Hanan Benammar (Algeria, France b. 1989) lives and works in between Norway, France and The Netherlands. 

She studied at the Art Academy of Oslo and the Dutch Art Institute (Arnhem, NL).

Since moving to Oslo in 2011, she has been involved in different art events and institutions such as Gallery BOA, Ultima, Mosaic Rooms, Black Box Theatre, aria (artist residency in Algiers), the Museum of Yugoslav History and TAAK among others; with installations, texts, and performances. 

The finissage also marks the end of ATOPIA kunstlab.